"We spread the paint you spread the word"

About Me

Hello my name is Zsolt Kotró. I am a Hungarian paint contractor. I finished school in 2004 as a house painter and decorator. For many years I worked for different contractors, and learn the trade as much as I could. I started my own painting business in 2016 from scratch. I had no connections so it was a big challenge to start it. I have been learning English since 2010 and I wanted to put it to good use. I knew that it was ( still is) hard to find an English speaking professional who works in the construction industry, so I started to spread the word about my service and I have a brand name called " Trustworthypainter" Trust is very important in this business because it matters who is that individual that you let into your biggest investment: in your home. There are renovation horror stories in which home owners suffered from greedy contractors who focused on the money not the quality of the service.I have a good reputation and I specialized in providing the service you want. I am looking for ward to hearing from you, Zsolt



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