Diy vs. Pro Painting

How to simplify your painting project in a few steps.

When you have a budget for painting your room or flat, you can save a bunch of money if you do it yourself. Painting seems super easy, right? Why should I hire  a professional? – you might ask.

They charge a lot! I’ll go and buy the paint in the closest paint shop and it’ll be done in a day! So, you are motivated and nothing can stop you. After you’ve set foot in the paint shop your self-confidence starts to disappear like smog. The shop is packed with the wide variety of paint brands and types, paint bucket sizes are different, tools have different price tags, etc, and you come to realize that you have made the first mistake: You haven’t devised a plan.

It is crucial to have a plan because you can save time and money. The shop assistant will ask you, “How can I help you?” and you’ll tell them why you came for. And it gets  worse. They asks too much questions that will confuse you.They recommend you a brand ( probably a brand with the biggest price gap) and sell it to you. If you were lucky and didn’t buy the cheapest paint then it will do. You’ll buy a few drop cloths, masking tape, tools, etc and will be eager to star it. You go home and start to move the furniture in the middle of the room. You will see a few cracks, dents, behind the furniture or maybe on the ceiling, and you might think the paint will cover it but I hate to break it to you: won’t work.

Now, you gotta buy gypsum as well. Have you ever mixed joint compound and fixed the walls with it?  If the answer is no, then it will be a pain in the neck. You have to go back and buy materials and tools again. It’s a nightmare, isn’t?  Let’s stop here a little bit. I’ve got a couple of questions. So, how much money time and energy did you spend on this project that hasn’t been completed yet? Has it been worth it so far? Don’t you want to have someone who knows this professional field? Someone who deals with all kind of difficulties that come up? Let’s cut a long story short. You got the things that you needed, and painted your room. It dried, but looks different than you expected. Do you want to see the end result of your DIY painting every day? Is that the quality that you have always wanted? If the answer is “Hell No!” – here comes a solution.. A PRO painter.

Listen, I want to take the weight of your mind. In the beginning I made a lot of mistakes ( who didn’t?) so I know how frustrating a painting job can be. I’m not saying that I know everything, because actually one can always learn and has to because new materials come & go and have to be “up-to-date”. This is what I do every single day ( mostly weekends are booked up too) so I know how to solve your problem. I have to emphasize the importance of the work space preparation. When you have something for me, I go there, I measure up, then we talk things through and I give you a quote in a few days.  Depending on the size of the job I can give you an estimated price on the spot as well, but  I gotta calculate everything and it takes time. I work hard to build up my personal brand as “Trustworthypainter” and I care about my customers. You can leave the key with me, and can make money while I work there. I have  good communication skills, and you’ll be amazed by the service that I provide to you.

How much does it cost you?

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