How to find a reputable tradesman in Budapest?

The best kept-secrets of hiring.

Due to a housing boom in Hungary skilled tradesmen are in demand. Unfortunately that has already opened many doors for unskilled people, so homeowners aren’t in an easy situation.

 Everybody can be a victim of renovation scam, and I have to emphasise that everybody, not just Expatriates. We live in an instant society where we want everything now, which makes us more vulnerable. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to find someone who lives up to your expectations. If your contractor is the man of their words then you can count on them. I brought the recipe of successful hiring.


3 things that prove your contractor is not a cowboy.


 1. The first thing is the invoice.

It often discourages people that 27% VAT will be charged as an extra. But now I want to dispel that general misconception that VAT goes with the invoice. There is a VAT exempt status which means the contractor will not add VAT to the total. Ask your contractor about it before you strike a deal.


2. Work contract.

Handshake isn’t enough today or „take my word for it”. Old days are gone, and better safe than sorry.  In the detailed quote you see what will be done, what materials will be used, how much the labor and the materials would cost. If these things are written down and signed by both parties you have better chances in court.


3.Liability insurance.

It is a very important but often overlooked thing.

 Every liability insurance has a purpose to cover unforeseen circumstances and damages.Your contractor can unwittingly cause damages for you or your neighbour(s).



Shady tricks that used by dishonest contractors.



„Boss, I need money upfront.” Believe or not, it works.

They ask for downpayment and you never see them again..


–  Cheap materials

The importance of the good quality paint is crucial. There are cheap paints and materials but the quality will not be the same. You can’t expect a bang up job by using colored water, right?


–  Fake pictures, testimonials


It doesn’t take a genius to download or copy these things. Ask real references from your contractor. If they beat around the bush then something is wrong.


Luckily countless reputable tradesmen are out there. We focus on the best customer care that we can provide and want to be in the business in the long run. I hope my writing helps to lead you to the right direction, and you will have your dream home that you want.

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