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Prices -


Painting prices 2018




Masking plastic cloths  300 huf/ square meter      

Masking  paper roll+ plastic clotchs   450 huf/ square meter   

Scraping       400 huf/ square meter   

Scraping wallpaper          400 huf/ square meter   

Mist coating            180 huf/ square meter   

Plastering one coat          320 huf/ square meter   

Plastering two coats        620 huf/ square meter   

Sanding        230 huf/ square meter   

 Drywall taping      650 huf/ square meter               

Corner bead installation 300 huf/ meter     

Plaster repair up to 5 cm  (after wiring)       400 huf/ meter     

Plaster repair 5-10 cm (after wiring) 600 huf/ meter     



Wall painting


Painting one coat of white         350 .-huf/ square meter

Painting two coats of white       600 .-huf/ square meter

Painting two coats in colour     650.-huf/ square meter

Painting two coats of white + repair cracks, dents 650.-huf/ square meter

Two coats of exterior painting  800.-huf/ square meter

Cutting in ( in colours)     200.-huf/ meter


 Painting doors & windows


New door & window painting   3000.- huf/ square meter

Old door & window painting     3300.- huf/ square meter

Paint strip by heat gun    3800.-huf/ square meter

Radiator painting   2300.- huf/ square meter

Pipe painting:         330.- huf/ meter

Other jobs

Foam molding installation and painting         800.- huf/ meter

Foam ceiling rose installation and painting   1000.-huf/ piece

Hourly jobs  4000.-huf/h

Moving furniture   2500.-huf/ h

Caulking 150.-huf/ meter


Hang lining paper  550.- huf / sqaure meter

Wallpapering wood chip wallpaper+ 2 coats of white      1300.- huf/ square meter

Wallpapering Vlies Wallpaper   1400.-huf / square meter

Fibergrass wallcovering  850.- huf/ square meter


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